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Sunday 24 November 2013

How I spend my Sundays

So it's been just over two months now since my big move to Cyprus and this is how I've been spending most of my Sundays. I know this post is only a tiny bit "fashiony" but sometimes it's good just to kick back and embrace your surroundings.

Sandals- Vivienne Westwood
Dress- Thrifted
Bag- Vintage
Sunglasses- knock of Ray Bans

I've been loving sun dresses of late as they're so easy to chuck on. I went to lunch after the beach so I didn't look too scruffy, plus I put my hair into a simple fishtail braid so I didn't look too windswept either! My Viv sandals are my go-to sandals being so god damn comfy and being made of plastic they're pretty hardy! My sunnies were a knock off pair of ray bans from a tourist shop in Paphos after I broke my last pair (sob!) 

I've also been trying to get a bit creative with the old nails again but this time on my natural nails which have grown looooads since being out here. Must be the sun? I still have a shaky hand when it comes to doing anything fancy but I think a flick and a bit of glitter can look quite effective.

So like I was saying.. sometimes you need to relax and let go, enjoy what's around you and appreciate the simple things- sand in my case! I know its bloody freezing back in the UK but you wouldn't believe how much you'd miss a cold winter walk when it's warm all the time!

Hope you've all had a fab weekend.


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